Comparison is the theif of joy.
— Pete Collins

The Tricky

Benjamin Dean is a hobbyist that may or may not know what he is doing.

Coffee is either bad or good for him depending on who you ask.

He may or may not say a particular thing is neat.

He sometimes compares his father to Dilbert.

He backs up his computer to three different locations and still loses stuff.

He knows describing himself in third person is weird.


The Simple

Benjamin was born in 1992.

He currently lives in Ashland, Kentucky.

He attended Ashland High School.

He has graduated from Ohio University Southern.

   He works for Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc.

He uses a Canon 60D with a 18-135mm (lenses are expensive).

                        He has been diagnosed in CAPD and Aspergers Syndrome. (or something autistic according to the DSM-5)

He is not a fan of long walks on the beach.

He likes Root Beer. A lot.